There are umpteen number of diet plans that is in store for weight loss. Almost all the diets are centered towards less consumption of calories. One of the minimal and safest diets is to follow 1200 calorie diet plan.

Also, for a woman who is very keen on losing weight, must follow this plan. This plan does not involve any rice or at least the use of one cup of brown rice. Also, intake of eight to ten glasses of water per day will keep the dieters fresh and energetic the whole day.

Consumption of unprocessed food like fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables are highly recommended. Tinned foods and alcohol are to be avoided strictly.

Basic exercises needed to maintain weight should be done on a regular basis. Intake of wholegrain foods will ensure the dieters won’t be feeling hungry for a long time. Consulting a physician is needed to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

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Since this plan involves low calories, dieters should make sure that their diet contains all the necessary proteins and carbohydrates to avoid fatigue. The dieters should ensure that they eat at regular intervals.  Also, this diet should be followed on a long term basis to avoid weight gain.

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It may seem bizarre for a diet plan to instruct someone to measure the amount of calories they consume every day. But it has been proven that these 1200 calorie diet plans are most effective when it comes to losing weight in a healthy way. The idea is to regulate your body to take the same amount of calories everyday so that your body burns the same amount of calories every day.

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The 1200 calorie diet plans are pretty easy to follow as you can go about having your usual meal with a couple of changes here and there.  An ideal menu would be yogurt and banana for breakfast, and some chicken or fish and vegetables for lunch and some pork with brown rice for dinner. You can also take other items as long as they don’t exceed the calorie count.

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This diet plan must be strictly followed for it to be a hundred percent effective. The important thing is not get excited and decide to eat less than 1200 calories as it might have a negative effect on your body. It is also advisable to take multi-vitamin during the diet as it will help your body burn fat faster. The change will be gradual and you must not lose patience if you do not see any change in your body for a while.

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