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Many women pull out bland white bras to wear on a daily basis, but do not consider them anywhere near sexy. Most women prefer to buy colorful, decorative, and low cut bras when it is time to be sexy. Believe it or not, there are many purposes for white undergarments, and white doesn’t have to mean boring and unattractive.

It is possible for white to be sexy. Here are some great tips for finding white bras that can be worn on more occasions than just under your favorite work blouse or work-out t-shirt.

• Consider more than just the color when selecting a bra. Choose the color white in a cut that you might not normally wear, such as plunge or demi-cut.

• Consider the fabric used to make the bra. Try white lace, see-through material, or white silk or satin when looking for that sexy white.

• Consider a patterned white. There are tons of bra and panty options that are on white fabric and include a pattern, lace overlay in a different color, or a sexy red or black bow.

The Spiritual Kiss

• Consider the other white if you want to add a little bit of color in a sexy and subtle way. Consider sexy new colors like Café Latte, Cuppaccino, Latte, Nude, or Marshmallow. They are so close to white, but add a nice subtle hue that will make him say ooh!

• Let that special someone pick out a couple new white bras for you. Ask him what he considers sexy in the color white, and tell him to go shopping for you or with you.

The Surprise Kiss

• If you are having a really hard time finding the perfect light colored bra, take a few of your outfits to the store with you and try on different tops with the bras. Find a bra that you feel good in and that can be used with daytime and evening wear.

Finding the perfect bra in the perfect color can be fun and exciting. If you are looking for white bras, broaden your horizons and consider getting a couple of bras that are fun, affordable, sexy, and white. It is possible to have the best of all worlds when it comes to bras. Now that you have the news on white bras, it’s time to shop. Consider trying on different bra options in retail stores, and then shopping online for affordable white bras in many styles and designs.

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