Bra Guide: Styles that Enhance Breasts

You shop for clothes that flatter your body, so why not shop for bras that flatter your breasts? Finding a bra is not all about what looks good, you also have to choose a type of bra that makes the best of your breast size, shape and level of perkiness. The prettiest bra in the world might look good on the rack and look horrible on you. The key is to blend beauty with function by selecting the right kind of bra for your breast type.

Determining Your Breast Type

Just as no two women look the same, no two sets of breasts look the same. We all have our own characteristics and traits that make us unique. Some characteristics are more desirable than others such as perkiness, which is why it’s important to choose a bra that supports you where you need it. However, before you can find the perfect bra, you have to understand your breast type.

  • Saggy Breasts – Saggy breasts are usually on the large side, but anyone – regardless of size – can have saggy breasts. Saggy breasts occur when the ligaments and supportive tissues around the breast break down, resulting in U-shaped or elongated breasts. Sagging breasts may also appear to have excess or loose skin.
  • Large Breasts – If you are larger than a C-cup, you have large breasts. Large breasts require greater support and don’t fit nicely into every type of bra.
  • Small Breasts – Small breasts include all A-cup sizes and some small B-cup breasts. Small breast require enhancing or plumping to make them look larger.
  • Wide-Set Breasts – Wide-set breasts feature a lot of chest between the peaks. Many women with this breast type like to wear bras that make their breasts appear closer together.

Breast Enhancing Bras

With more than 20 types of bras available, there’s a perfect bra for every breast. Let’s take a moment to talk about the above breast types and the bras that bring out the best in them.

Saggy breasts require extra support. The best bra for saggy breasts is the full-cup bra. Full-cup bras feature a cup that covers the entire breast, lending it shape and support. Full-cup bras are available with or without an underwire. However, underwire bras are preferable in the case of uneven breasts. Sports bras are also a great option as they give full support while eliminating bouncing, which can further break down supportive breast tissue, resulting in more sagging. Many women with saggy breasts also opt to use a breast-firming cream such as Brestrogen to plump and firm sagging skin.

Breast Enhancement

For large breasts, you need a bra that covers. Avoid half-cup bras, push-up bras and padded bras as these cause a lumpy and uneven appearance. Always choose bras with full-cup coverage. You may also choose to make your breasts appear smaller by wearing a sports bra, minimizer bra or soft-cup bra. If you want to make your breasts look perkier, you can wear an underwire bra as well.

Wear push-up bras and padded bras to make small breasts look larger. Half-cup or demi-bras also plump up the petites. Avoid full-cup bras and sports bras as these flatten breasts. For wide-set breasts, choose a push-up bra. Push-up bras squeeze breasts closer together while simultaneously lifting them up.

Wearing the right bra is as important as choosing the right outfit or wearing the right shade of lipstick – maybe even more so. In order to look your best, your bust needs a firm foundation. Give your breasts the support they need and they will never drag you down.

How to Dress for Your Breast Size

Fashion magazines may tell you what’s in, but they can’t tell you what should be in your personal closet. Sure, the latest clothes may look great on models or on the rack, but they might not flatter you at all when you step into the dressing room. Your body shape, breast size, personal style and unique features all help determine what you should wear and what will look great on you.

Seamless Underwear

Many women find it difficult to dress for their breast size because very few women have naturally perky, full breasts to start with. Whether your breasts are too small or too large, hiding them is never the answer. Wearing bulky tops doesn’t give you the illusion of having C-cups. In fact, bulky tops do not flatter – anyone.

Dressing up Small Breasts

Women with small breasts often have pear-shaped bodies, a body style that looks heavier through the hips and butt. Women with this shape should strive to pull attention away from the hips and center it on the top, a feat that could be difficult with small breasts. Following are a few ways to dress up your top and make your breasts appear larger.

  • Show off Your Assets – Breasts aren’t the only things that can look sexy in a top. What about your shoulders? Wearing off-the-shoulder tops and tanks shows off your shoulders and draws eyes upward.
  • Print and Fabric – Ruffled sleeves, vibrant print, a playful scarf … all of these choices make your top more interesting. Choose neutral, slimming bottoms to make your hips appear thinner, but dare to go bold on top.
  • Belts – Belts are a great way to create the illusion of breasts. However, you have to wear them a bit higher to do the trick. Situate belts an inch or two under your breasts and wear them with full, flowing tops.
  • Gathered Blouses – Blouses that are gathered at the waist also give the illusion of fuller breasts.
  • Necklines and Necklaces – Experiment with interestingly-shaped necklines and eye-catching necklaces. Avoid high necklines. Instead, opt for a plunging neckline and wear a long necklace to bring attention to your chest. Geometric necklaces and knotted scarves worn at the neckline are great options too.

Dressing down Large Breasts

Women with large breasts have the opposite problem – their breasts get all the attention. Larger breasts also tend to sag a bit more and require a great supportive bra. Large breast may also need a little help such as that given by breast-firming creams like Brestrogen. Regardless of whether you choose to use a cream, wear a great bra or both, you still need to learn to dress for your body shape. Following are ways to take the emphasis off your chest.

  • Solid Colors – Stick to solid colors and avoid vibrantly-printed tops. Keep it simple. Darker colors tend to work better. Choose a dark top over a light one to make your breasts look smaller.
  • High Necklines – high necklines and turtlenecks elongate your trunk and take the emphasis off your chest.
  • Gathered Blouses – Blouses that are fuller through the chest camouflage large breasts by making it harder to see what’s underneath.

How To Measure Bra Cups – Right & Wrong

Dressing for your breasts takes practice and a lot of time in front of the dressing-room mirror. You also have to realize that you might not be able to wear the latest styles. Always dress for your body shape first. If the latest fashion trends flatter your body, you’re in great shape. If not, stick to classics and hope that the next season brings fashions that flatter your particular shape.



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